What Are Some Modern Furniture Ideas For A Small Home?

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What Are Some Modern Furniture Ideas For A Small Home?

Home ownership is still as much a part of the American dream as ever before, but there is a growing trend in some segments of the market towards smaller homes. For some, it’s a chance to simplify their lifestyle and have less to keep up with in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Some do it as an environmental statement, and others do as an anti-consumerist profession of belief. Others just do it to save money, and empty nesters like doing it to avoid wasting space and time.

Whether you came by your small home by choice or just because it was what you could afford and wound up with, you still have to furnish it. So, what are some modern furniture ideas for a small home?


If you want to make the most of your money and space, then you might want to look for pieces that can serve two functions depending on when and what you need. For instance, a smaller home is unlikely to have a guest room, so a futon or pull-out sofa can double as a sitting space for general relaxation and entertaining visitors, but then turn into a sleeping place for someone staying the night.

Extra Storage

Ottomans that have detachable lids with interior space can not only be a great place to prop up your feet, but also store magazines, toys, pillows, or even video games and media entertainment.

Bedroom Ideas

In a child’s room, you might save space by getting a loft bed that lets the kid sleep higher up off the floor so that the lower area can be for play, storage, or even a student desk where homework is done.

Other ideas to use space wisely is to get a bunk bed or a trundle bed. Both can work well to add additional space when needed.

More Ways To Save Space

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Vertical shelving is always a good thing to look at, as going up is necessary since you can’t always go out across your limited floor space. A wall mounted desk can be a great space saver. Also, instead of floor lamps, consider wall sconces.

If there aren’t many people eating or staying in your home regularly, you might not even want a kitchen or dining room table. A few stools at a bar or counter might make a good place for most meals, especially if you’re active and don’t eat at home a lot.

Final Thoughts

Using your limited space in a small home wisely means you still get to live a full life. Use the modern furniture ideas for a small home presented here as a starting point for figuring out your own home.