Tried And True Mid Century Modern Furniture Ideas

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Tried And True Mid Century Modern Furniture Ideas

Are you in need of a way to spruce up your boring old living room space? Or are you sick and tired of the same bedroom design you’ve had for years now? Even the comfort of home can sometimes become just a bit tired, and in those cases, stripping down to something stylish and simplistic is often the best way to provide a fresh look and feel. That is precisely what the modern design style is all about.

There are a number of mid century modern furniture ideas out there that can help turn even the most dull home or apartment into something slick that all of your friends and family will be jealous of! In short, it’s all about minimalism and clean aesthetics.

Color Palette And Design

For a modern look that may mean reducing your color palettes to cool shades of white and grey, offset by black and some standard steel or wood in the furniture itself. For mid century modern furniture, You can get away with more color and often times you will have wooden legs on your furniture pieces.

Modern design has a ton of right angles, with the only real curvature coming from the likes of lighting fixtures or the odd decorative sculpture or two. Using interior design of this kind can really work wonders for opening up your space and making it feel incredibly expansive.


As such, you should really strip down to the bare minimum as far as the furniture pieces inhabiting each room go. See if you can get by with a sole couch and chair in your living room and just a bed and bedside table in your bedroom. If you need to add more upon finding things look too sparse, try adding just a splash of visual flair with a piece of impressionistic or abstract artwork or a couple of rounded lamps or sculptures. A tall, skinny cylindrical vase with some unassuming plants or flowers might also work.

Final Thoughts

Mid-Century Modern Tufted Linen Fabric Loveseat

Beyond that, mid century modern furniture is all about the happy medium between form and function. You should be sure to buy pieces that are high quality and be willing to spend just a bit more; otherwise, you may find yourself stuck with uncomfortable slabs that offer nothing outside of their minimalist aesthetics!

As long as you keep your color palettes fairly high contrast and sparse as far as bright colors go and focus mostly on right angles in the lines of your main furniture pieces, you’ll be all set. With that, you should have the makings of a great new interior design that will really help spice things up!