Contemporary Bedroom Set

Contemporary Bedroom Sets

Here are some really nice contemporary Bedroom sets that include the Bed, Nightstands, Dresser and Mirror. These really get some ideas going for a new bedroom look or for a new way of decorating the bedroom.

Ashley Birlanny Mirrored Panel Bedroom Set

Ashley Birlanny Mirrored Panel Bedroom Set. It includes a Queen, King Or California King Bed, 2 Night Stands, A Dresser and a Mirror.

Take a look at the decor in the room. For example  ornate candle stick, and the ornate Bedside Lamps. And then there is the area rug, it’s colors have been carried to the Bed Linens and pillows. What a nice bedroom this would be!


Asger Antique Oak Finish Wood Bedroom Set, King size. It includes the Bed, a Dresser, a Mirror, 2 Night Stands and an 8 drawer Dresser.

Talk about a room that has a lot of storage potential! There is the dresser or dressers, the headboard drawers and the drawers of the nightstands and foot of the bed.

I also like the headboard – one could either have books for reading thee or put some decor there, or both. A bedroom like this could either be dressed up or down – bring in more color or more neutral decor.



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Sandburg Furniture 3541 Marilyn Bedroom Set – King size. It has one Dresser, one Mirror and one Nightstand.

This bedroom set has a more feminine feel to it. I love the scallops scallops along the bed stand, dresser and nightstand – so pretty. The Platinum color is neutral and makes the room airy. This would be nice even in a small bedroom.

You could use neutrals in the bedding and comforter as you see here, or put some brigh accents in the way of pillows and a few decorative pieces around the room.


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Roundhill Furniture, Blemerey 110 Wood-Arch Leg Bed with a Queen size bed, a Dresser, a Mirror and two Nightstands in Black.

This is a very contemporary set, with the neutrals and design.

If it were me decorating, I would go with a little more color in the room. Maybe turquoise or red lamps, and a couple of throw pillows in the same color. The room just begs for a living plant somewhere close to the light and the area rug could stay neutral or be patterned.